Foto:Roberto Pellegrini

 Ascona, november 11, 2014

The Crucible

This type of jewellery is characterised by the small and tiny crucibles used for its manufacture.
Since prehistoric times, the crucible or bowl has been found in various parts of the world.  The use of the many excavated bowls by our ancestors for the past 15,000 years has still not been definitively established. It is thought that they were most likely used in rituals such as offerings to the gods.
Buddhist monks carry alms bowls for offerings of food.
Almsgiving is one of the cornerstones of Christianity.

The Thought
I have been thinking about the overwhelming use of computers in today’s world.
I cannot believe that our hands which are so capable have been relegated to simply pressing computer keys.
I have yet to see 3D printer produce Etruscan jewellery!
The goldsmith’s craft demands the highest level of manual dexterity
Goldsmiths breathe life in the jewellery they create.
Jewellery for charity arose from a tempestuous period of my life.  I hope it pleases you as much as it satisfies me.


                                                                                                         Carlo Sello